Refresher / Requalification Training

     Refresher Training is the training program for student pilots (applicants) who disrupted and not completed in any formal training programs or the current licenses (such as CPL, IR, ME, or IP licenses) were expired over the specified period of time.
Requalification Training is the training program for pilot who has been endorsement of the aircraft type (Type Rating) but loss of recency experience from flight. 

Entry Qualification:
Applicant must hold must hold at least one of the following licenses, ratings, or type rating:
- Private Pilot – Airplane License: PPL
- Instrument Rating: IR
- Multi-Engine Rating: ME
- Commercial Pilot – Airplane License: CPL
- Multi-crew Pilot License: MPL
- Flight Instructor Rating: IP
- Airline Transport Pilot License: ATPL
- Airbus A320 Type Rating
- ATR Type Rating

Course Period: 1 – 3 Months *
* Course period and place is depending on each training programs.